Monday, October 24, 2011

More of My Thoughts & Beliefs

In my last blog i talked about the legalization of pot in this 1 i wanna talk a bit about the lgbtq. It is my firm belief to each their own i firmly believe the lesbian gay bisexual transgender queer community should have the exact same rights as a heterosexual couples in all areas including marriage &/or divorce they are people too. everyone deserves the right to the American dream irregardless of race religion etc etc et. al. This after all is supposed to be America land of the free. My definition of freedom is every American should have the same rights & responsibilities irregardless of race nationality sexual orientation etc. etc. Those who oppose that in my honest opinion are not true Americans. Come on people let's be real, give every American the same chances at the American dream. To hell with all the bigotry America was founded on principals that have been thrown out the window. Our Constitution, Bill of Rights those supposedly sacred documents?, today mean absolutely nothing they are just words on a piece of paper no more no less. Let's make a stand & put the free back in freedom ill leave it at that for this post & i welcome anyone who wants to respond to any of my posts both good & bad but i do ask please keep it objective thanks

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